About Me

If you’re looking for affordable online piano lessons, some new LDS Hymn arrangements, contemporary piano solos, or original solos, you have come to the right place. I’m Marie Hansen and I have been composing, arranging, and teaching for many years.

I began playing piano as a toddler, when I would pick out simple tunes one key at a time. My mother was a music teacher, and began teaching me at age 4, where I learned to read before entering kindergarten. I performed with several junior high and high school band and choir groups. I received my music minor at Ricks College, now known as BYUI.

I have performed professionaly as a member of a few rock bands and accompanist for several musicals. I have been the organist and pianist at my church, and have spent over 30 years teaching young and old to learn to play piano, guitar, and even accordion.

My husband and I have seven married children and many grandchildren that fill our hearts with love. Most of all, I love to share the gift of music, and the joy it brings me in my life.