Piano Lessons

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Piano Lesson 1

Level: Primer

This very beginning lesson covers the 5 P's of Piano : Posture, pressure, preparation,

practice, and position. You will also learn finger numbers, warm-ups, and explore the keyboard.

Piano Lesson 2

Level: Primer

This lesson covers rhythm, quarter notes, half notes, bar lines, and black key positions.

Other elements: double bar line and counting.

Piano Lesson 3

Level: Primer

In this lesson, you will learn the music alphabet, the time signature, and the middle C position.

Other elements: quarter notes, half notes, and 2/4 time.

Piano Lesson 4

Level: Primer.rn the whole note and 4/4 time.

This lesson defines the grand staff, the treble clef, and the bass clef. You will also learn the whole note and 4/4 time. 

Other Elements: line notes, space notes, half notes, and quarter notes. 

Piano Lesson 5

Level: Primer

Here, you will get more work in the Middle C Position. We also focus on the dotted half note, ¾ time, and dynamics.

Other elements: half note, quarter note, ¾ time, dynamics, forte, and piano.

Piano Lesson 6

Level: Primer

You'll discover the repeat sign, the quarter rest, intervals, and seconds,  

Other elements: middle C position, forte, piano, quarter note, half note, dotted half note, 3/4 time, and 4/4 time

Piano Lesson 7

Level: Primer

Discover half rests, whole rests, slurs, legato, and thirds. 

Other elements: 3/4 time, 4/4 time.

Piano Lesson 8

Level: Primer

You will learn about fourths, staccatos, mezzo forte, and pick-up notes. 

Other elements: piano, forte, 3/4 time, 4/4 time, quarter rest, half rest, whole rest.

Piano Lesson 9

Level: Primer

You wil become familiar with the C position, fifths, harmonic intervals, and melodic intervals. 

Other elements: piano, mezzo forte, forte, 3/4 time, 4/4 time.

Piano Lesson 10

Level: 1

Discover the tie, melody, accompaniment, eighth notes, and 2/4 time.

Other elements: piano, forte, 4/4 time,.

Piano Lesson 11

Level: 1

You will explore the triad, the C Major chord, broken chords, and block chords.

Other elements: 3/4 time, 4/4 time.

Piano Lesson 12

Level: 1

Explore 8va, 8vb, crescendo, diminuendo, and crossing hands.

Other elements: mezzo forte.

Piano Lesson 13

Level: 1

You will learn the G position and mezzo piano.

Other elements: slur, 8va, 4/4 time.

Piano Lesson 14

Level: 1

Explore the flat sign, D. C. al Fine, and Fine.

Other Elements: G position

Piano Lesson 15

Level: 1

Learn to play in Middle G position, and use the sharp sign.

Other elements: slur, 8vb, repeat, 2nd, 3rd  4th, 5th.

Piano Lesson 16

Level: 1

Dotted quarter note, fermata

Other elements: 8va, tie, slur, staccato,Fine, D. C. al Fine.

Piano Lesson 17

Level: 1

Natural Sign, ritardando, a tempo

Other elements: cresc., dim., fermata, black key names

Piano Lesson 18

Level: 1

This lesson focuses on sixths and playing in the middle C position with sixths.

Other Elements: fermata, #, slur, tie

Piano Lesson 19

Level: 1

You will discover half steps, whole steps, and the treble and bass staff line note names.

Other elements: sharps, flats, naturals. 

Piano Lesson 20

Level: 1

Explore tetrachords, the C Major Scale, and LH playing in treble staff.

Other elements: ties, slurs, dotted quarter notes, tied eighth notes.

Piano Lesson 21

Level: 1

Learn the proper finger crossing technique and the one hand C Major Scale.

Other elements: rit., fermata, cresc., dim., f, mf, mp, p.

Piano Lesson 22

Level: 1

Learn and understand the I, IV, and V chords, also known as the primary chords, in Key of C.

Other elements: block and broken chords.

Piano Lessons 23

Level: 1

The focus of this lesson is the pedal mark, the V7 chord, and the I, IV, and V7 cadence.

Other elements: 8va, 8vb, crossing hands, slur, stacatto.

Piano Lesson 24

Level: 1

Explore various tempos: allegro, moderato, andante, adagio

Other elements: pedal, 8vb, 15vb, legato, staccato, finger switching.

Piano Lesson 25

Level: 1

Low C position, treble C position

Other elements: Andante, moderato, repeat, dim.

Piano Lesson 26

Level: 2

Learn all about sevenths.

Other elements: D. C. al Fine, cresc., dim., 8va, repeat, pedal, C and D position.

Piano Lesson 27

Level: 2

You will learn to play the G Major Scale and discover the key signature.

Other elements: allegro, 4/4 time, 3/4 time, slurs. 

Songs: Yellow Rose of Texas

Piano Lesson 28

Level: 2

Primary Chords in G

Other elements: G Major Scale, pedal, ttwo-hand slur, fermata.

Song: This Old Man

Piano Lesson 29

Level: 2

Allegretto, eighth rest

Other elements: upbeat, primary chords in G.

Songs: O No John!

Piano Lesson 30

Level: 2

Learn how to transpose, and then transpose songs from Key of C to Key of G.

Other elements: primary chords, rit., switching hand positions, 3/4 time.

Songs: Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow.

Piano Lesson 31

Level: 2

Now you will play in the F five finger position.

Other elements: slur, accent.

Songs: Lazy Mary

Piano Lesson 32

Level: 2

Play the F Major Scale and learn to recognize and play in the Key of F Major

Other elements: eighth rest, allegro, D.C. al Fine.

Songs: Juba

Piano Lesson 33

Level: 2

Explore the Primary chords in F.

Other elements: Key of F Major, pedal, allegro.

Songs: Bought Me a Cat

Piano Lesson 34

Level: 2

You will play in all the Group 1 Keys and learn to recognize a key change.

Other elements: Major scales, primary chords, allegretto, cresc., dim., fermata, 8va, 8vb.

Songs: Here Comes the Marching Band, Hiking in Summer

Piano Lesson 35

Level: 2-3

You will learn the overlapping pedal technique to make your playing smoother.

Other elements: 8va, crossing hands, LH playing in treble clef.

Songs: Church Bells, Fiddler's Dance

Piano Lesson 36

Level: 2

Accentuate your performance by using the accent mark!

Other elements: allegro, moderato, 6ths and 7ths, Key of G Major.

Songs: Forest Drums, Ragtime Rock

Piano Lesson 37

Level: 2

Add a bounce to your music with the Alberti Bass.

Other elements: primary chords in C, overlapping pedal.

Songs: Caissons Go Rolling

Piano Lesson 38

Level: 2

Learn to read ledger lines.

Other elements: accents, keys of C and F major, slur, stacatto.

Songs: Polly Wolly Doodle

Piano Lesson 39

Level: 2

Learn the properties of major and minor 3rds.

Other elements: accent, eighth rest, stacatto, fermata.

Songs: Blue Thirds, Dribbling the Ball

Piano Lesson 40

Level: 2

Explore more about triads.

Other elements:overlapping pedal, accents, cresc., dim., keys of C and G Major.

Songs: Greensleeves, Scarborough Fair

Piano Lesson 41

Level: 3

You will enjoy the perfect beauty of the perfect fifth.

Other elements: 8va, 8vb, pedal, accent, crossing hands.

Songs: Secret Agent No. 5, Bagpipe Dance

Piano Lesson 42

Level: 3

Explore the bright and mysterious sounds of major and minor triads.

Other elements: pedal, crossng hands, ritard., changing tempo.

Songs: Riding the Waves, Sailor's Quest

Piano Lesson 43

Level: 3

Discover what relative keys are and learn the Key of Am.

Other elements: A minor scale, overlapping pedal, rit., cresc., dim, 3/4 time.

Songs: When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Countryside Castle

Piano Lesson 44

Level: 3

You will learn to read inside ledger lines and play the primary chords in the key of A Minor.

Other elements:overlapping pedal, crossing hands, 8va, andante, moderato, allegro.

Songs: Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Piano Lesson 45

Level 3:

Become familiar with the three types of minor scales and learn to navigate 1st and 2nd endings.

Other elements: D,C, al Fine, pedal, rit., cresc., dim., andante, moderato, allegretto, allegro.

Songs: Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho, Für Elise

Piano Lesson 46

Level: 3

Learn some basics of arranging and composing using primary chords. 

Other elements: Keys of C, G, F Major, and A minor, Question and Answer Phrases, using manuscript paper. 

Piano Lesson 47

Level: 3

Learn to play in the Key of D Major.

Other elements: primary chords in D major, phrasing, fermata.

Songs: Auld Lang Syne, Aura Lee, The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Piano Lesson 48


It's all about the octave.

Other elements: Key of D Major, primary chords in D Major, extended RH position.

Songs: King's March, On Top of Old Smokey, Arkansas Traveler

Piano Lesson 49

Level: 3

Learn about parallel keys and explore the Key of D minor.

Other elements: The D Natural, Harmonic and Melodic Minor scales, primary chords in D Minor.

Songs: Go Down Moses, When the Train Comes Along

Piano Lesson 50

Level: 3

Play quick melodies using the 3/8 time signature and learn to navigate the sforzando.

Other elements: pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff, sfz, Keys of F, G, and D Major.

Songs: A-Hunting We Will Go, Hickory Dickory Dock, Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella

Piano Lesson 51

Level: 3

Learn to recognize Binary form (A B Form), Common Time, verse, stanza, chorus, and refrain.

Other elements: Keys of C,D,F, and G Major, Keys of A and D Minor, sfz, 1st and 2nd endings.

Songs: Pop Goes the Weasel, Chiapanecas, Old Joe Clarke

Piano Lesson 52

Level: 3

Learn to recognize Ternary form (A B A).

Other elements: LH in treble clef, Alberti Bass, major and minor triads, Keys of C, F, and G Major.

Songs: Marine's Hymn, Long, Long Ago, Celebration Boogie